Wedding Photographer in Wellington to capture moments
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Why choose me as your wedding photographer

I am an experienced and passionate wedding photographer who will go out of the way to make sure you get the best photos from your big day. I take photos from all possible angles and give the best views of the wedding. I am very active and energetic in the wedding. I have been shooting weddings for over 7 years and have plenty of experience!


For me weddings are all about love and laughter. I like to capture this love with my photos. I would like to capture the teary moment of your family members, the look of the groom looking at bride walking down the aisle and your best friends bursting out in laughter during the speeches. Apart from these, I also photograph all the details that make up a wedding such as wedding decorations and the smaller details of the bride’s dress (embroidery on the dress, shoes, jewellery). I understand how the smallest details of the wedding have been meticulously planned by the couple and I strive to capture each bit of it with my photos.


I am a keen listener! I would like to hear your ideas for the wedding photos and discuss mine and plan every detail on the wedding shoot. I have a detailed pre wedding consultation session where we discuss the wedding location, guests and ideas for photos. I take special care to ensure I cover photos of all guests at the wedding and put in special emphasis at the special ones. Every wedding is unique for me and I would like these memories to be etched in photos for a lifetime.


I carry 2 amazing Canon cameras around my neck during the wedding to make sure I am ready to capture every moment (near or far). I have the best lenses available in the market which include zoom lenses which allow me to capture priceless reactions of friends and family (without intruding on them).


I am there for the couple, helping them in every way possible right from carrying the bride’s train to keeping the mood light. I have also got lots of ideas on fun groomsmen photos with the boys having a good time! I have also doubled up as a messenger, a driver and a last minute makeup artist to help out.


And last but not the least my pricing. My wedding packages are very reasonable compared to the competition with similar quality. I believe every bride deserves to have beautiful memories of her wedding day without having to pay a bomb for it. I offer a tailored experience based on your preferences and your shoot location. Your wedding is not just another wedding for me to shoot! Each wedding is unique and I am up for the challenge.


In short I would like you to have a fun wedding day with lots of laughter and beautiful photos!

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